The Bum


A traditional adventure starring a crazy bum



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The Bum is a traditional graphic adventure game developed by Adventure Game Studio, in which you control a bum who communicates with the rest of the world using a sock on his right hand.

The adventure begins when a bully comes into the patio where our hero is playing soccer and destroys his soccer ball, since the bum doesn't have anything that the bully can steal. As soon as this happens, your goal is to find a new ball and get revenge on the evil bully.

The Bum's mechanics are identical to the traditional 'point and click' graphic adventures. You can look at objects, pick them up, talk to people and, of course, solve puzzles using all of the elements that you find in the scenes.

During your adventure, you can visit more than half a dozen scenes where you will find a good handful of fun characters that you can talk to. Or, rather, that your sock can talk to.

The Bum is a very fun graphic adventure that nods its head to other video games and the world of soccer, among other things. In addition, it has excellent aesthetics that will remind you of the best graphic adventures from the nineties.
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